I am Angel Lee and I believe…

You are perfect the way you are
Everyone is unique and beautiful
Every woman should celebrate their femininity
Your love story is just as important as everyone else’s

We are all beautifully flawed in our own ways…

Who am I?

 Mother, photographer, artist, story-teller, business owner, and entrepreneur.
Photography was not my original plan in life.

I joined the military in 2007, deployed to Iraq in 2008-2009. As some of you know, the amount of stress you endure during this time is relentless. Sometimes making you feel a little off balanced, I turned to photography to help balance it. I bought my first camera and captured moments all through my deployment. I came home, met someone, and started my family.
As you know after our beautiful little humans are born we get a little obsessed with them. My world completely changed, I upgraded my camera, started my journey.

Ten years later, I find myself raising my girls in the stunning Ozark Mountains. Photographing love stories all over the United States. Capturing family memories for them to enjoy for a lifetime. Photographing women who have been hurt by words or actions, who take a stand against societies standards.

Telling your story is important in many ways. Really, you are the only one who can tell it, I just help you create it into a story you are proud to tell. I sometimes leave people breathless, and speechless. I love relighting the internal fire, to show you, how amazing you are. I want you to rediscover the INNER you, you know that inner light we all have. Let it shine bright, be as bright as you want. You have the control.