Halloween Portraits…

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I am planning a trip to Wichita Kansas, August 17th and 18th.

Location Derby Kansas (5-acre private property) or surrounding areas

Props include:
Metal jack o lanterns (6, three different sizes), fake pumpkins, skulls, fog machine, spider webs, black lights, ripped white, red and black cloth, and more.

Sarah and I will be hosting Boudoir and Halloween Portrait sessions.
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My Boudoir Facebook Page
Angel’s Untamable Divas
Mafia Makeup by Sarah

All sessions with professional hair and makeup will take 2 hours minimum.
Hair and makeup take anywhere from 1.5 – 2.5 hours depending on what you are wanting.

Themed portraits include but not limited to engagement, couples, family, children and family.

Themed portraits
(covers up to 6 people, Boudoir not included):

These will start out at $150

Professional hair and makeup, smoke bombs (no bombs inside), hour session,
slideshow, online gallery, two outfits, 5 digitals with print release, and some props.
smoke photos and video.

No hair and makeup these will start out at $99 (Need a location)

Smoke bombs (no bombs inside), one-hour session,
slideshow, online gallery, two outfits, 5 digitals with print release, and some props.

Must bring your own real pumpkin if you want to do a “jack-o-face”

Boudoir sessions:
Non-themed starting at $200
Themed starting out at $250.
The inside sessions with the bed are in Derby only, unless using your own place or booking your own hotel.

Couples (outside ONLY available unless using your own place or booking your own hotel) $350.
Indoor and outdoor, two outfits, professional hair and makeup (one hour), smoke bombs,
slideshow, 5 digitals with print release, one-hour session, online gallery, and access to my wardrobe closet (shoes and outfits).

Taste of Boudoir $120 – 30 min session, 3 digitals, gallery, one outfit,
No H&MU (Need a location).
“Must bring your own costumes and props if you have a specific theme.”

All products and prints are sold separately.
30% of the total is due with the contract.
$10 travel fee is added to every contract for travel expenses.
Both are non-refundable.

Also family, engagement, children and more session are available.
Sarah is available to do any makeup you may need for my sessions.

All-day Saturday and morning and mid-afternoon on Sunday are available.


12:00 pm –
1:00 pm –
2:00 pm –
3:00 pm –
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6:00 pm –
7:00 pm –
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9:00 am –
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11:00 am –
12:00 pm –
1:00 pm –
2:00 pm –

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They do not define me…

As I had a hard time this week and the last couple of months, I found myself contemplating what my future holds. 

I have battled trying to be the best photographer a person could ask for. Being understanding as I am a mom, a friend, a human, being honest to everyone, treating everyone the best I can. Supporting everyone I can, in every way I can. But never seem to get anything in return. 

I want to give up. I want to quit. I want to sell it all and make my life easier by not begging or getting rejected time after time. People hardly like or share my images on social media (thank you to the people who do support me daily. You are noticed. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart). People do not give my business the credit it deserves and the support it deserves. A person can only fight for so long until they finally realize they are fighting with hardly anyone next to them. 

I went to Wichita this weekend and had an amazing time with family and reflected on my life. I watched a movie that most know called “Moana”. Legit its one of my top Disney movies. Anyway, at the part where she restores the heart to Te Fiti, this part opened up something inside of me the 1000th time I watched it. It finally hit me. These people who I expect to support me are turning me into the Te Fiti. But they do not define me, this is not who I am, I know who I am. I know who I truly am. Watch the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4QuKwfv6Wk

I am a boudoir photographer who changes peoples lives. I am a person who freezes your precious moments with family members who are not around forever. I am a person who captures your wedding memories with the best attitude you can ask for to be around, positive. I am also a mother, fur baby mom, veteran, and friend to many. I will not quit. But I am taking a step back for a while. I will be getting a daily job so my long-distance photography will be dropping in 2020 dramatically. When I am heading to spots I will be posting to my blog. If you would like to be added to my email to receive these blogs please message me or comment below.

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Letters from Mommy by Photography by Angel Lee

“Letters from Mommy”Photography by Angel LeeMUSE: Crystal Raquel WilliamsMusic: Contentment (Instrumental) By Stanton Lanier”Girls, there is nothing you can or cannot do that will make me proud of you. I just am proud. I know you. The truest versions. I can say your hearts ARE pure, and intentions ARE for the best. You try hard and care a lot. I am proud to watch you grow into who you are meant to be. I want you to feel, free. Live free in grace. Know the peace that YOU were meant to have. Don’t focus on their negative out there, because there is a lot. Try to find the positive, even in the toughest situation. I am so grateful God gave me you both. If either of you have kids, I am going to be so excited to see your love grow for them as mine has for you both. I pray you to know God and feel joy even on the toughest days throughout your journey of life. I am excited for the day when you want to come over and visit your old mom. Until then please forgive me for being so hard on you guys, my intentions are only to help you, even if it makes it harder on me. I know life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, but being your momma, makes everything worth it. I love doing life together, Thank you guys for your love. I hope you know how loved you are.”
Photography by Angel Lee presents “Letters From Mommy” a new video line that leaves the exact loving message you want to leave your children. Whether your kids are young or old, newborn or even in college, these videos are a way for your children to carry with them, the love you bestow on them. We welcome all moms, dads, and even grandparents. Call or message today to book your family video message. #photographybyangellee #nixamissouri #videography #lettersfrommommy #lettersfromdaddy #lettersfromgrandparents #booktoday


Coming SOON! Videography

Hey everyone,

Angel Lee here, sorry it’s been a while but I have been planning big changes to Photography by Angel Lee. I am excited to announce it very soon. I am still in the working of it, but I promise you, you will LOVE IT! The couple of people I have mentioned it to they had goosebumps and love the idea.

I have a giveaway going on my www.facebook.com/photographybyangellee website. Share, react and tag your friends. The more you tag, the better chance you have.

Stay tuned for more updates.
Angel Lee

Makeup and Mimosas

LADIES!!!! We have an idea. Who would be interested in a makeup meet up with the talented, AND amazing Laura Witt? She will teach us about how to optimize our time – and skills, makeup tricks, and techniques WITH MIMOSAS? About a three-hour event, snacks, drawings, and much much more!! There will be a cover charge but everything in the event will be free except raffles. It will be held in Nixa, Mo.
Feel free to bring your makeup, brushes and skin care items and she can go over how to best utilize what you have, as well as recommend products/colors best suited for your skin type. 
You will all leave with a face chart of a specific look you’d like, with detailed products used, in which order so you can practice recreating this look on your own, a gift bag with goodies, new skills and beauty tricks, and new friendships!
Please comment below if you are interested in more information!

VIP – Angel Lee’s Glitter Lip Squad
Angel’s Perfect Picture Boudoir by Angel Lee

Michael and Paige Smiths Wedding

 Let me tell you my recent adventures! On October 26th – November 1st, my family and I traveled to upstate New York to see my beautiful newborn niece. After two days in the car, we finally get home at 11:30 on November 2nd. I slept about 4 hours after getting together all my gear and items I need for the next day. Stupid me forgot to reset my phone. I got up an hour early ready to roll! Ended up being about one hour early! Thankfully Paige was ready for me!
This recent wedding was located in Ozark Missouri.
We started out at the Residence Inn by Marriot, located at 1303 E Kinsley Street, Springfield MO. Stunning hotel with big open rooms. Large lobby area. Perfect outside that have amazing landscaping to photograph against.


















Then we drove south to Ozark. Such a beautiful drive this time of year. The colors are amazing and of course, the sights stay stunning year round!





The venue was just breathtaking! Venue on Brick is located at 209 N 2nd St, Ozark, Missouri. This place had it all! Bridal Suite (STUNNING), Multiple rooms for guest, stunning entrance, bar, and delicious food! I cannot wait to photograph another wedding at this venue! Please check them out!

Many more amazing shots to come. Please check back often to see updates on this and other weddings.
Photos by: Angel’s Perfect Picture Photography by Angel Lee
















After this beautiful 12 hour wedding day I went home about 10:15 that night after an amazing sparkler scene that the beautiful bride ask for. I truly thank you for trusting me with your special day!



Missouri Boudoir Photographer


How are you? I am doing pretty well! Today was my first session in my new city, new house, new bed and even with my new H&MA THE AMAZING Jacqueline Rae!
Look how beautiful Miss Morgan looks!
When walking in I can tell she is and has been going through a lot. I hope, I was able to take your mind off of life for a couple hours! We did smile and laugh so much! I cannot wait to share more stunning photos!
Are you ready to book please contact me at (417) 988-4956

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Perfect first session in my new location! New bed, new hair and makeup artist, new place, even new town! But perfect pictures, as usual,  PLEASE SHOW THIS LADY SOME LOVE!
MUSE Morgan Michel
HMUA Jacqueline Rae
Untamable Divas
Angel’s Perfect Picture Boudoir by Angel Lee
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Hello everyone!

I am so excited to announce on December 30th, 2017, I will be living in Nixa! I am so excited about this move with my family!
Please share my page with everyone you know! I do have very cheap travel fees because I love to travel! I will be serving the Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas locations! Please message me if you have any questions!